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Property should be viewed as an asset managed dynamically in the pursuit of improved productivity, reduced overhead and greater profitability.

Regardless of portfolio size, companies face a huge job when it comes to managing the cost, efficiency and performance of the commercial property they own and occupy. No two companies are alike. That’s why we, under the total control of a vastly experienced partner, collaborate with you to understand and get under the skin of your business. This will enable us to deliver the right corporate property advice and strategy from acquisition and disposal requirements to lease renewals, lease regearing and rent reviews, making your property work for you.

Adams Burnett advises on appropriate method of disposal and puts in place a marketing strategy to dispose of surplus property on the best terms available and as quickly as market conditions allow.

We recognise surplus property is a bottom line financial liability and seek to avoid extented marketing periods by correct pricing.
Clients know we can be relied upon even in the most difficult times.

In liaison with the client, Adams Burnett uses market knowledge and negotiating skills in seeking to acquire the right property on the best terms at the right time.

We recognise the often long term liability of property and work with your solicitors to mitigate lease commitments and provide maximum future flexibility.

For acquisition work we advise on:-

  • The clients search brief
  • Available options and inspections
  • Negotiation of market terms
  • Financial analysis including rent reductions, rent free periods and break options.
  • Discounted cash flow analysis to compare options and assist the corporate approval process
  • Fit out options and the need for mechanical and electrical or other third party surveys
  • Legal liaison

AB provides advice in Landlord and Tenant matters, acting exclusively for occupiers of commercial buildings at rent review and lease renewal.

A wide knowledge of the effect of case law and current legislation and careful analysis of market trends and transactions are the key to achieving the optimum results for our occupier clients.
Where agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, our partners have 60 years of experience in dealing with references to Arbitrators and Independent Experts.

A lease forms a binding contract therefore neither party is obliged to agree to alterations in its structure however, landlord or tenant’s property requirements often change whilst they are contracted into a lease.

A tenant, for example, may wish to surrender the lease before the expiry date or a landlord may want to reclaim part or all of a property for refurbishment or redevelopment.
And yet, changing a lease can often be beneficial to both landlord and tenant through the release of latent value or in exchange for compensation. Lease restructuring therefore offers significant business opportunities.
Lease renewals are fraught with danger for tenants as the lease renewal procedure requires expert knowledge of both letting renewal law, the commercial property market, and the complex nature of the property and current landlord / tenant contract. AB will steer you through all this and help to secure the best for you.

A commercial property lease describes the obligations placed on the tenant in keeping the property in good repair and decorative condition throughout the lease term.

When acquiring property, under a new lease or by assignment it is essential that the exit liabilities are carefully considered and that financial provision is made. A detailed schedule of condition can serve to protect the interest of an ingoing tenant by limiting the extent of work that can be claimed on expiry. In some cases the tenant may be better placed by taking a capital contribution from the landlord or insisting that the landlord puts the property into good repair from the outset.
We are able to advise at each critical stage of entering into a lease and towards the end of the lease as a terminal schedule of dilapidations. We provide the best solution on behalf of our clients through the process of negotiation.